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A marble work surface can really take your kitchen from average to outstanding. A marble work surface is classy and versatile, and will look perfect in almost any setting. Marble is very easy to clean and polish and will allow your kitchen to look contemporary and classically stylish at the same time. We pride ourselves on creating outstanding kitchens for all of our customers.

Although it’s one of the most-used rooms in the house, the kitchen is not refurbished as often as other rooms – so it’s important to make sure that when we do refurbish it, we do it right. A new work surface needs to be durable and hard-wearing, but also to fit in with the rest of the decor in the kitchen.

Here at Margrasil our team of masons and designers will spend time with you to make sure you can make an informed decision as to what will be the best fit for your kitchen. They will then produce a full sized replica for you in hardboard so that you can see exactly how your new marble work surface will look in your new kitchen. All of our masons are highly skilled, often with many years of experience. We pride ourselves on taking great care with all of our customers to ensure you get the right marble work surface to suit your needs and tastes. Just take a look at the gallery of recent projects here on the site to see just how beautiful a marble work surface can make your kitchen look.

At Margrasil in Sussex we offer a wide variety of different shades of marble to accommodate your marble work surface requirements. With several shades of marble available we are confident you will find the perfect shade for your new kitchen. Our highly skilled team are also able to supply undermount sinks and other marble surfaces for the kitchen and other rooms of the house.


For further information on our marble work surfaces call our professional team of designers, fitters and stonemasons at Margrasil UK today: 01403 710485. We craft and fit high quality kitchen worktops from our base in Sussex, for homes across the South East.

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We specialise in Marble Work Surfaces.

All of our marble work surfaces are cut and manufactured in our own dedicated and bespoke manufacturing workshop in Sussex

Why choose a marble work surface for your kitchen?

Marble work surfaces are a popular choice for many modern kitchens, and it’s easy to see why. A marble work surface can offer an attractive finish and lend a touch of luxury to any kitchen. They also provide exceptional functionality and practicality, A marble work surface can instantly improve and uplift your kitchen. Here are some of the benefits of a marble work surface:

Beauty: Marble is one of the most luxurious, beautiful substances for a work surface. Because it’s a natural stone it provides beautifully subtle patterns so that no two pieces are the same, creating a feeling of elegance and luxury. A polished marble work surface will provide beautiful, gleaming work surfaces that will make any kitchen look amazing.

Design: Marble can come in several different colours, which occur naturally when the stone is formed. This variance allows marble to be versatile in terms of design. The light, bright appearance of a marble work surface allows it to fit perfectly into any space.

Durability: Marble is one of the most durable, resilient substances for a work surface. Once polished it is easy to clean and maintain and is very hard so won’t chip or damage.

Longevity: Marble work surfaces are an investment to be kept for a long time. Marble has been used for hundreds of years because of its strength and endurance. Good quality marble work surfaces will last and last with a little care and attention.

Marble work surfaces make a beautiful addition to any kitchen and can make any kitchen look instantly lighter and brighter. Marble is resilient, functional and versatile, providing a timelessly elegant look to any space.

All stones are subject to colour and tone variation.

We design, manufacture and install marble work surfaces throughout the south and are the UK’s top Marble Work Surface Suppliers.

Call 01403 710485 For Marble Work Surfaces, Horsham, Brighton, Hove, Crawley and Haywards Heath and Basingstoke

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