Margrasil UK – Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re looking for a granite kitchen worktop, a bathroom vanity unit or a brand new marble countertop for your home, our expert team at Margrasil can help you. Simply browse through our website to view the wide range of quartz, marble and granite work surfaces that we offer.


If you need more information about our stone products and services please take a moment to read our FAQs below. If you can’t find the answer to your question via this page then please feel free to call us on 01403 710485 and speak to one of our highly experienced and friendly team members. Alternatively, enter your details on our contact form and we’ll get back to you with an answer.


Your Questions Answered…

Do you supply to anywhere in the UK?

Our main service area is within a 50 mile radius of Partridge Green; from Southampton in the east, to Eastbourne in the west, to Oxford in the North. However, we have fitted granite kitchen worktops as far north as Edinburgh and as far south as Cornwall, so no distance is too far for us. Call our team of stonemasons today to see if we operate in your area.

What do I have to do to get a quote?

Phone us, email us, send us a fax or visit us personally. We will need a drawing or an idea of the kitchen work surface size you require in order to give you a quote straight away.

Will the quoted price change if I am not going ahead for 2 months?

Our price will be fixed for three months after the quote date.

What do I have to do to place an order?

A simple phone call or email to our Margrasil team is all you need to do. We can then work out a schedule for your stone kitchen countertop templating and fitting date.

Do we have to place a deposit on ordering? When does the balance owing have to be paid?

We do ask for a 50% deposit on the day of ordering either by card, cheque, bank transfer or cash. The balance is due when the work is complete.

Can we choose and view the material before manufacturing commences?

We welcome customers to our yard to choose and view our range of quartz, marble and granite products; also you can visit our wide range of suppliers based around the country.

I’ve had a quote can I get a sample of the material?

Small samples of our granite, marble and quartz stone are available for you to take away.

Can you remove my old worktops and fit your product without us having new units?

Yes we charge an hourly rate for removing your old kitchen worktops and can dispose of them for you as well.

Templating and fitting

What is a template?

We produce a full-sized replica of our stone work using hardboard, checking and marking positions of sinks, hobs etc as well as marking out the polished edges, radius corners etc. This helps you to visualise what your new worksurface will look like in your kitchen, and how it will fit in.

Do you do the templating? Or can we do it ourselves?

We provide a full templating service, which means we take responsibility for the sizes and shapes etc. You can make your own templates but you then have the responsibility of ensuring the sizes and measurements are correct.

What do we need to do to be ready for templating?

All base units need to be securely fixed, and ideally sinks and hobs etc should be made available to the templater. If we are replacing existing kitchen worktops, then sinks and hobs etc. will need to be disconnected.

Do we need to arrange a plumber, gas man or electrician to be there when fitting?

If any of the above trades are needed they can work around us, or be called in when we have finished. We do not provide any of the above services.

Do we need to be present when templating or fitting?

You do not need to be present when we are templating or fitting, but we do prefer to have someone available who can make decisions and check our finished work.

Sinks, hobs and appliances

Can you provide new sinks, taps and appliances?

Yes we can, please contact us for details.

Can I use my existing sinks and appliances?

Yes you can.

How are my under mount sinks supported?

Where possible we bolt the sinks to the underside of the worktops, however sometimes this is not possible and our fitters are trained to support the sinks in other ways. If you decide to choose a ceramic sink this will require additional support due to its weight.

Marble, granite and quartz composites

Is marble a good product for kitchen worktops?

We do not recommend marble for kitchen worktops, however if you still wish to choose marble we will give advice on how to maintain it.

Granite is heavy; will my units be strong enough?

Yes all units are designed to take the weight of granite, however should you choose granite that is 40mm thick we would advise you to get your units strengthened.

Do you supply granite for around the walls?

Yes we can supply upstands from a minimum of 50mm high to wall cladding to the underside of your wall units and backsplashes for behind your hob or cooker.

How do you join two pieces together?

The granite is levelled and colour coded adhesives are used to bond the two pieces together, which achieves a tight flush join.

Sizes, shapes and thickness

What different thicknesses are there?

Standard worktop thickness is 30mm thick; though we can offer materials in 20mm and 40mm where available and other thicknesses can be achieved by binding pieces together, please contact us for details.

What is the largest size piece you can do?

Our maximum slab size is 3100mm wide by 1850mm high therefore we can achieve most sizes desired, however please call to discuss large pieces, as the fitting of these depends on access at the property.

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