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Choosing a granite worktop for your home is a worthwhile investment. A beautiful natural material, it creates soft elegance once polished to improve the existing colour. A fusing of quartz, mica and feldspar creates a unique pattern teamed with qualities perfect for regular use.

With the stunning wilderness of the North and South Downs so close by, natural materials are the perfect choice in Horsham homes. Short of taking in the joys of nature with a walk by the River Arun, you can enjoy the luxury of raw stone by placing it in your very own kitchen or bathroom. Our situation in Sussex allows us to help individuals all over the South East. We are a complete service in that we can manufacture, transport and fit the worktops we advertise. Easy on the eye and understated in it’s patina of speckles and crystals, this material fits a huge variety of interiors. Your style can be matched using our great advice to achieve the right fit of colour for your existing decoration.

If you were lucky enough to view the creation of the biggest house to ever be featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs, you already know our work. The highly stylish Via Lattea Satinato Granite we supplied was used for the dining room table top as well as a very smart desk. This giant visual creation was based in West Sussex and we were proud to see the finished effect incorporating our hard-wearing products. Despite the 1300m² of tiles and materials needed to complete the visionary project, our contribution still stood out and was worthy of particular mention by presenter Kevin McCloud.

The market town of Horsham has suburbs that offer their own unique charm, presenting opportunities for unique projects to make your own property really come to life. Littlehaven and Oakhill are some of the oldest offshoots, growing from hamlets into the thriving sections of the town they are today. No matter the age of your home or business, both domestic and commercial clients can come to us for that special surface. The intrinsic properties of this rock offer solutions to many of the day to day trials all users come across. If it was good enough for the Ancient Egyptians whose monuments still stand tall today, we think it will stand up to your needs!

Being simple and quick to clean is always a popular factor when choosing granite. Beyond this, hot pans and plates will prove no problem given it’s heat resistance. Moreover, spills and puddles meet their match in what is a seriously water resistant material. Whether in the home or in a restaurant, we can all be glad that stains have no place on this worktop due to it’s in-built stain resistance. With so much to offer, it’s not surprising that many consider it a cost-effective decision when you think of the years of service it will provide. Durable and non-porous substances like this last for years, and when taken proper care of are extremely rewarding.

Granite worktops Horsham

Granite Worktops Horsham


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