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A few key things spring to mind when planning new kitchen worktops. You’ll want something solid and long lasting, making the most of all the work and investment that goes into it. Many people will prioritise having something scratch resistant to cope with food preparation so you don’t have to be too precious using it. Ultimately most of us want low maintenance material for our kitchen worktops, as since it’s one of the busiest rooms of the house the last thing you want to do is spend hours cleaning it up. Margrasil UK are proud to have options that fulfil all these needs, and we are happy to talk through all of your options with you.

Beyond this, colour and design are where you can really personalise your space with the help of our experienced team. Using existing features to reflect or contrast the design of your kitchen worktops can be a good starting point. Choose from smooth or clean cut corners, a massive variety of hues and natural or engineered patterns. Rounded units are increasingly popular and beautifully curved surfaces can create continuity. Those with traditional tendencies can pick from a wide variety of classical options that will create a long-lasting and impressive result.

We can work with any kitchen layout to achieve the workspace you desire.

Our designers can manufacture beautiful kitchen worktops that will perfectly fit your kitchen, as we recognise no two projects are the same. For a galley kitchen we can create a seamless, single stretch of material that will streamline the room whilst neatly separating built-in appliances. With storage on both sides of the room our light-reflecting options can alleviate the narrowing effect of a typical corridor kitchen. Whether U-shaped or L-shaped, we work closely with you to make the most effective use of awkward corner spaces. Don’t forget that your scope needn’t end at the edges of the room, as sometimes using an island can create extra preparation areas.

The material used for your kitchen worktop is fundamental in the selection process. With the wealth of information we provide you won’t be short of choices, but it’s good to get to grips with some of the most popular materials. Picking a granite kitchen worktop wouldn’t leave you disappointed given its stunning mottled patterning and rich tones.It has a vibrant sheen and isn’t phased by the work of sharp kitchen knives, putting it high on the practicality scale.

Alternatively, you might consider marble worktops for a luxurious element that’s wipe-clean and cool to touch. In contrast to the statuesque stereotype which is pale and austere, we can supply much more – from jewel-like purple to vibrant orange. Quartz might be man-made but this is far from being a negative given the stunning array of colours you can concoct with our renowned brands. You may decide to go for beautiful Lapitec stone worktop. Modern and traditional eating areas are sure to find a suitable fit with our varieties and with our own masons and manufacturing you won’t feel restricted.

Working with us to select your favourites from a huge range of possibilities means you end up with a functional but characterful place to enjoy spending time.

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