Çimstone Quartz Worktops


Having a composition of 93% quartz and 7% polyster resin binder and pigments, Çimstone is produced with the advanced Italian technology of BRETON. Using quartz gives Çimstone an unparalled strength and durability; the magic and toughness produced by quartz is unparalleled.

Thanks to a hardness degree of 7 Mohs – approaching to that of the diamond – Çimstone has a high scratch and abrasion resistance; it cannot be scratched by metal implements or any other similar objects. Slicing or cutting on a Çimstone countertop without using a chopping board is no problem; you can make use of the whole countertop as a working area when preparing food.

Since natural stones like marble and granite are limited to natural reserves, they can fall short of supplying the demanded quantity at the desired quality and colour alternatives at all times. Çimstone on the other hand can be produced in different colour and texture alternatives in harmony with kitchen cabinet doors, meeting any requirements. Coloured with pigments, Çimstone can have special effects with the use of additives such as pieces of mirror, glass, seashell, brass rasping and basalt producing a totally different, distinctive outlook accompanying to the changing notion of kitchens and modern designs of our times in contrast to the common use of ordinary surfacing materials.


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