Case Study: Private Bar in Kensington

Admin | September 22, 2020

We recently worked on a private residents’ bar in Kensington, creating and fitting a curved Carrara bar for them.

The marble used was supplied by The Marble and Granite Centre, who we’ve worked with several times now.

These images show the original slab of marble in our workshop before work began to create the bar.

Carrara marble comes from the city of Carrara in the north of Tuscany, Italy. The stone has been used since the days of Ancient Rome, and was actually used on the facing of Marble Arch in London. The quarries at Carrara have produced more marble than any other place on earth.

The Carrara marble used for this bar is 60mm thick. Here you can see the cutting process as we began creating the shape.

Here you can see the edge of one of the pieces of the bar; the markings on the edge here allow the resin to bond the pieces of stone together

As well as polishing the surface and creating rounded or “bullnose” edges, you can see here that we also cut a groove along the bottom of the stone, which created a space for LED strip lights beneath the bar.

The finished bar, complete with work surfaces beneath the bar.

Our team worked hard to create a beautiful, flawless finish for this bar and we’re proud of the outcome. Marble is a cool and chic stone that is perfectly suited to the environment in this private bar in Kensington.

If you’ve been considering new marble worktops, or perhaps bathroom vanities or table tops, get in touch today to discuss how we can help