Case Study: Macaubas Fantasy Quartzite

Admin | October 13, 2021

This is from a job we recently worked on, creating worktops and a kitchen island with Macaubas Fantasy Quartzite.

For this we used two bookmatched slabs of Quartzite, supplied by Stoneworld UK Ltd – the customer visited their showroom in London to choose the slabs to be used.

Bookmatching is when two pieces of stone (or wood) are matched so that the two pieces seem to mirror each other. This allowed us to match up the joins on the worktops and end panels so that they match nicely.

Here you can see the large kitchen island we created and installed, matching the end panels with the main worktop section. The customer worked closely with us to choose the best locations to cut the stone so as to achieve the desired effect.

Here you can see the section where the hob will be installed. Only the corners of the space are visible at present; this is because we keep the majority of the stone in place until the worktop has been fitted. This maintains the strength whilst the stone is being transported and fitted and minimises the risk of damage.

We offer a wide range of Quartz options; take a look at our gallery or visit our showroom to see which you prefer.

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