Over the last few years quartz has grown a reputation as a good quality, high end material for both kitchens and bathrooms. Quartz work surfaces have grown steadily in popularity here at Margrasil, and with good reason.

Unlike many other stones used for work surfaces, quartz is actually a man-made stone. Although quartz crystals are formed naturally, these usually grow in clusters of points, rather than in large sections that could be used for something like a work surface. These crystals are ground down and mixed with around 8-10% resins and pigments to form a very hard surface.


Here are some features of a quartz work surface

  • Don’t let the thought of quartz work surfaces being man-made put you off; quartz is an incredibly hard mineral and the finished product can be just as durable and eye-catching as a natural stone work surface. With Quartz you also have the added bonus of being able to choose a uniform colour throughout.
  • The appearance of a quartz work surface will depend on how coarsely the quartz is ground: finely ground quartz produces a very smooth, uniform look whereas more coarsely ground quartz will have a more flecked appearance.
  • Quartz work surfaces are extremely durable and highly stain resistant so they’re often a good choice for families. They have a beautiful, glossy sheen to them.
  • Unlike some natural stone work surfaces, quartz work surfaces do not need to be sealed or re-sealed; once they are fitted they are good to go and should shine for many years. They’re easy to clean with mild soap and water and a soft cloth.
  • The final cost of a quartz work surface depends on things like the thickness of your work surface, the complexity of your design and how much you actually need. As a general rule quartz work surfaces tend to start off fairly similar in price to most granites, but cost a little more than alternatives such as laminate.
  • Because of the resins used in manufacture, quartz work surfaces are not heat resistant – it is important to bear this in mind, and to avoid putting hot pans etc directly onto your quartz worktop.
  • There are different brands of quartz available, for example Silestone, Arenastone, Compac, Çimstone and Samsung Radianz. We stock all of these at Margrasil; the best thing would be to visit our showroom to see our quartz sample ranges.
  • Because colours can be added during manufacture, quartz offers a wide range of colour options for your kitchen worktops. You can go for a natural, stone-like appearance or opt for something bright and unusual instead.
  • Although durable and highly stain resistant, quartz pigments can be sensitive to UV light, which can change colours over time.

Quartz can be an incredibly durable and versatile material which makes it popular for use in many different ways around the home such as:

  • Bathroom countertops
  • Desks
  • Wall coverings
  • Shower rooms
  • Sinks and basins
  • Flooring

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