Silestone Quartz Kitchen Worktops

At Margrasil UK, we specialise in designing and fitting quality Silestone quartz worktops and countertops for kitchens and bathrooms to create a vibrant living environment in Sussex and further afield in the UK. Made of 94% natural quartz, Silestone is preferred by many due to its natural elegance, versatility and superior strength. An additional benefit of using Silestone in any interior surface, like kitchen or bathroom worktops, is that it has anti-bacterial properties and hence is incredibly hygienic compared to other natural or man-made surfaces. Moreover, as the material is non-porous in nature, it is also highly resistant to staining by everyday products like any citric juice or caffeine products.

At Margrasil, our Sussex-Surrey based team of design experts and specialist stonemasons will help you choose the right design and style of worktops to perfectly fit your lifestyle and personality. We also have an attractive range of dazzling quartz colours from neutral shades to vibrant hues for you to browse through. As the material comes in different colours and textures, it offers customers a number of possibilities for decorating their homes to suit individual preferences and exact specifications. Visit us in Partridge Green to find out more.

So, whether you are just upgrading your bathroom or planning to install new kitchen countertops, choose from our selection of durable and easy-to-maintain Silestone quartz worktops . We operate in all areas across the UK including Brighton, Guildford and Horsham. To contact us and hear about our services at Margrasil, just fill in our online enquiry form or call us today on 01403 710485. We will be happy to answer your queries and provide any information regarding our products and services. Check out our range of attractive Silestone quartz colours below to find the ideal quartz worktops for your kitchen or bathroom.

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