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Why choose quartz worktops?

Quartz kitchen worktops have that unique blend of being beautiful but also robust and durable, which makes them a popular choice for many kitchens. Our quartz countertops come in a wide range of colours and styles so there is something to suit every taste.

Quartz is very hard and non-porous which means it is very durable and hygienic; ideal for use in kitchen work surfaces.

Why choose Margrasil for your quartz worktops?

At Margrasil in West Sussex, it’s our priority to provide beautiful kitchen work surfaces, bathroom vanity units and speciality stone products to help enhance the character of your home. Our quartz kitchen countertops blend in well with any domestic environment so should you have a hectic household where drinks and food are easily spilt, rest assured that our quartz worktops will look as good as new once wiped clean. For this reason, quartz worktops are also suited to bathrooms and wet rooms too.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of quartz in kitchens and utility rooms as well as bathrooms, is the low level of cleaning required. It won’t stain easily and resists taking on strong odours. You won’t need expensive shop bought cleaning agents as simple hot water and a soft cloth will solve most spills. It is probably no surprise however, that it should not be subjected to extremely harsh substances such as paint, oven cleaners and other corrosive chemicals as these may well damage the surface. Stand out brands we can provide such as Samsung, Silestone and Cimstone are all made to a highly durable standard.

Are quartz worktops durable?

The word “quartz” actually comes from an old Czech term tvrdý which means “hard.” Being very hard, it is durable and hard to damage with normal daily usage. Quartz is ideally suited to kitchen worktops for this reason, and has been very popular with our customers across the south east.

Do quartz worktops stain?

As well as being incredibly hardwearing, quartz is a naturally non-porous substance, which means it is not prone to staining. Unlike granite, it does not need to be resealed either, which makes maintenance and cleaning much easier.

It is worth bearing in mind that although quartz itself is non porous, up to 10% of a quartz worktop is petroleum based resins and pigments, which can react with some chemicals.

Some substances such as sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) or permanent markers can stain quartz, but normal every day usage should not cause a problem.

We are confident that our options including Arenastone, Compac, and Okite will meet your needs.

Are quartz worktops heat resistant?

Quartz is about as heat resistant as granite. The resins used to bind quartz in countertops can discolour if heated too high though so it is always advisable to use a heat-proof mat or trivet just to be on the safe side.

Are quartz countertops man-made?

Quartz worktops are actually engineered stone, made by combining 90% ground quartz with 10% resins, pigments and polymers. This forms a very hard surface and because pigments are added manually, it is possible to have a quartz work surfact in practically any colour.

It might seem a novel concept to have a worktop made from man made crystals, but this technology allows more variety and a stronger result than might be found naturally. The process of hydrothermal synthesis melds together individual crystals using high heat and pressure.

The great thing about choosing quartz worktops for your home is the wide choice of colours and finishes available to you. You might be hoping to match a wall colour, or provide a striking contrast to really lift the room. Luckily there are numerous styles that will work well against anything from white, shaker-style kitchens to black tiled bathrooms.

For further information on our range of quartz worktops and kitchen work surfaces speak to one of our skilled stonemasons regarding our other domestic stone products, call us today on 01403 710485. Margrasil UK delivers quality quartz stone across Sussex, through Surrey and to many UK areas, so wherever you are in the UK we will be able to help.

We design, manufacture and install Quartz worktops and surfaces throughout the South.

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