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Marble Worktops from Margrasil

For beautiful, high quality bespoke marble countertops, get in touch with Margrasil today.

Marble worktops are ideally suited to kitchens, bathrooms, sinks and bedroom cabinets. Our expert designers and stonemasons will work closely with you to ensure you get the style and look you want for your home.

Easy to clean and polish, marble helps to create a modern, contemporary look in every environment.

At Margrasil, we supply to areas all across the UK. Whether you’re based in Chichester, Woking, Reigate, Brighton or any other UK location, our team can help you. Call us today on 01403 710485 to talk about how we can help you.




Why choose marble worktops?

We often think of marble as being luxurious and expensive, but it is also very practical for everyday use. A natural marble countertop can add style and character to your kitchen.

Is marble good for kitchen countertops?

Because marble is a natural stone, no two pieces are the same. The natural colours are instantly recognisable and add a smart, uniform finish to rooms needing an update. For those after something a little more unique, we stock a wide range of different colours; take a look at our gallery below.

It is worth considering that like most things made to last, maintenance is key in getting the most out of your purchase. Many wooden,granite and quartz worktops also require their own careful cleaning so it should be no surprise that marble falls into this category also.

Does marble last a long time?

We supply high quality natural marble that will suit a huge variety of projects. As a long-term choice that will give years of service before you need even think of replacement, a marble worktop is a good choice for any kitchen. Marble is a well-priced, practical stone that looks elegant and timeless, and as a trustworthy supplier we take pleasure in helping our customers choose the right finish from our distinctive range.


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