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Margrasil are delighted to introduce a new specialty product to our extensive range of premium worktop materials: Lapitec sintered stone. We are always on the look out for the best quality products on the market and this is a product we are excited to be supplying as we know our customers want functionality and durability as well as desirability. Lapitec is an exceptional, man-made sintered stone that brings with it an unprecedented quality to your kitchens and bathrooms. Its uniform appearance and large array of colours make it a pleasing addition to any kitchen.

What is Lapitec Stone?

Lapitec stone is a unique material known as a ‘sintered stone’ and is not a naturally occurring stone.  Lapitec stone is produced solely from natural minerals that can be found in granites and porcelain and has been developed using scientific principles and patented manufacturing techniques.  The carefully selected minerals are processed using sintering technology and machinery exclusively developed by Breton S.p.A.  Sintering happens naturally within mineral deposits.

Lapitec Stone have harnessed this phenomena, to fuse particles together to create one solid piece. The sintering process subjects particles to very high heat and pressure which fuses the minerals together. This ‘sintered stone’ has a full-bodied composition which provides colour stability and a completely uniform appearance. The sintering process requires no binding agents which means that Lapitec Stone is almost completely non porous.


Lapitec Stone has the hardness of porcelain, the natural minerals from stone and the consistency of manufactured stone without any of the resins

Our experienced staff are always here to answer any of your questions on this stunning product and are happy to help you pick out the right shade for your kitchen.  Margrasil believe that Lapitec Stone is the perfect product; its flawless finish gives a look of pure luxury that will ensure your kitchen or bathroom stands out for all the right reasons.

Features & Benefits of Lapitec Stone

  • 100% environmentally friendly – Lapitec Stone do not use any raw materials obtained through petroleum processing and use renewable energy in all its manufacturing, created by 13,000sq./m of solar panels.
  • Water, heat, scratch, stain and impact resistant – The huge advantage of having a Lapitec Stone worktop compared to natural stone is that the material is much tougher, withstanding all the day to day punishment that we put our kitchen worktops through.
  • High-performance, compact lightweight surface – The man-made sintered stone is produced to be more lightweight that natural stone but that does not affect its durability, it is in fact more effective due to its manufacturing process.
  • Non-porous, hygienic and easy to clean –  Lapitec Stone add a bacteria and mould repellent solution in the production process for hygiene, and to ensure the longevity of the product.
  • Multi-functional – While the primary use for this material is worktops in kitchens, it can be used for a variety of applications such as flooring, bathrooms and external or internal wall cladding due to its strength and resilience.
  • Design – It is a beautiful piece of material which comes in a multitude of colours and finishes so you will be sure to find the right stone to perfectly complement your kitchen cupboards and walls.
  • Size – The material is manufactured in large dimensional slabs, which can be engineered to bespoke measurements giving a high quality finish.

We design, manufacture and install Lapitec Stone Countertops, worktops and surfaces throughout the South UK. Margrasil are the UK’s Top Lapitec Stone supplier.

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