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Brighton is known for its seaside attractions and alternative vibe, but maybe it could be known for great kitchen worktops too! The team at Margrasil have always enjoyed working closely with clients in this vibrant community. A strong sense of personal style isn’t unusual and that’s certainly to be found in Britain’s eclectic coastal town. A sunny weekend get-away it may be, but when it comes to designing their home it’s residents certainly don’t shy away from bold choices.

Whether in a cosy flat or airy Victorian town house, the kitchen is often the heart of the home. Everyone loves a good meal at the end of the day and this room is somewhere to be enjoyed. Kitchen worktops need to be practical for this very reason as they will undoubtedly see a lot of use in their lifetime. Common wish lists include being stain resistant, easy to clean and difficult to chip. At Margrasil there are a wealth of hard-working options that can meet these needs, with more than a little colour thrown in too. From sleek, cool marble right through to bright terracotta quartz there is a shade and type to choose every individual.

The Bohemian lifestyle that makes Brighton so popular is where many people draw inspiration when redesigning a key room. It can allow you to take a bolder choice, adding a splash of colour for example. Alternatively you might choose a chic slice of popular marble that fits in with virtually any interior. It’s cooling properties help anyone looking to create delicious bakes as it keeps pastry chilled for longer. Sometimes however, it’s the bigger things in life that drive an investment like new kitchen worktops. Having a family can mean your needs change, and a durable, child-friendly space becomes a must. From rounded edges that won’t bump heads to an anti-chip surface, Margrasil have you covered. Fruit juice stains needn’t be a worry when you choose a non-porous material. For those with a hectic schedule and many different faces passing through on a daily basis there are going to be times when this is a huge relief.

Choosing your new countertop can be a fun experience in itself. With trained and experienced product experts to help guide you through the range, there’s always one more option when you thought you’d exhausted our range. Smooth your hands over subtly sparkling stone or feel the textured patina of a raw material and no doubt you’ll see just why Margrasil are so proud of their extensive product base. There are bespoke options for the discerning customer too. You can pick colours and materials and ask us to shape them to meet your requirements. Every home is unique and that’s why it’s important you achieve just the right end result. For years to come you can enjoy the interior created with a focal piece you really loved choosing.

From rock-hard sintered stone to eye-catching granite, our products can inspire a project all on their own. Add another element to your Brighton home with one of our high quality kitchen worktops.

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