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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, and it can also be one of the most expensive. It can be tempting to cut corners in order to save money on a kitchen, but this is one of those false economies that can end up costing you more in the long run as you end up replacing work surfaces that have been stained, cut or otherwise damaged. Granite work surfaces are very popular with people renovating their kitchens for this very reason. Granite is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. It is also heat resistant and water resistant, and virtually stain resistant too so it can make a great addition to any home.

When you think of materials that are heat resistant, stain resistant and easy to clean, the general assumption is that you sacrifice style and looks for practicality. This is not true with granite, which has a timeless style that fits in with any existing decor, often adding a new level of modern elegance to the room.

At Margrasil in Sussex we offer a wide variety of granite colours to complement any home. There are more than fifteen shades of granite available, and these are available as granite countertops as well as in granite bathrooms.

Granite work surfaces are hugely popular mostly because of their durability. Although a granite countertop does need to be re-sealed from time to time, it is for the most part impervious to cutting, scratching and heat so it’s an investment that will stand the test of time.

Because granite work surfaces are so popular a granite countertop or granite bathroom in your home can really add to the value. Recent surveys have shown that a third of house buyers would offer more than the asking price on a home if it featured granite work surfaces.

Here at Margrasil our skilled team of designers and stonemasons will talk to you about your requirements before producing a bespoke design for your kitchen to bring out the true potential of your space. We specialise in granite work surfaces which are all cut and manufactured in our workshop in Sussex.

Granite has been used as a building material since the time of the Ancient Egyptians and its strength and endurance is proven by the fact there are still examples of Ancient Egyptian granite architecture which are thousands of years old. Granite work surfaces do require a little extra care and attention, but should only need to be resurfaced about once every twelve months. You can tell your granite work surface needs to be resurfaced when a drop of water poured onto a high-use area does not remain in a bubble on the surface.

As well as beautiful granite work surfaces for your kitchen, Margrasil can also produce stylish bespoke granite bathrooms to suit your requirements. We are very proud of the wide range of colours and styles we are able to provide for our customers. Our expert team pride themselves on helping customers to find the right shade to complement their existing colour scheme, and producing high quality granite work surfaces to suit any space.

Why choose a granite worktop for your kitchen?

Granite worktops are a popular choice for modern kitchens, and it’s easy to see why. They offer an attractive finish and lend a touch of splendour to any kitchen. At the same time they provide excellent functionality and practicality. Having granite fitted will instantly improve your kitchen. Here are some of their benefits:

Beauty: Granite is synonymous with luxury. Its gorgeous hues and subtleties create a feeling of elegance and grandeur. Granite worktops are often polished, creating beautiful gleaming surfaces that look stunning in any kitchen. Your kitchen will be the envy of all your friends with the addition of some eye-catching worktops.

Design: One of the advantages of granite is that it comes in a wide range of colours. These colours occur naturally when the stone is formed, and can include white, black, grey, blue, brown, red green and yellow. This variance in colour can also be caused by the presence of other elements within the rock. This variety means that granite is one of the most versatile choices for kitchen worktops. No matter what the colour scheme or design of your kitchen, you will be able to find a worktop that compliments it perfectly.

Durability: Granite is incredibly durable and resilient, which makes them perfect for kitchen surfaces. They are resistant to very high temperatures – you can place hot pans onto them and they wont show burn marks or stains, unlike imitation granite. Granite wont chip onto them and they’ll completely resist scratches or cut marks. Whilst marble is also a popular choice, the advantages of granite worktops over marble ones is that granite is non-porous, meaning it wont become dull or absorb stains over time. Your worktops will look as good as new, year after year.

Longevity: Granite has been used as a building material since Ancient Egyptian times, precisely because of it’s strength and endurance. Some examples of Ancient Egyptian granite architecture still exist today – which speaks volumes for it’s longevity! Good quality granite work tops will likely last you a lifetime, making them excellent value and a wise investment for your home.

Granite worktops make a beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen. With their superior resilience, versatile design qualities and elegant looks, they are sure to add that ‘wow’ factor to your home. Make the step up and transform your kitchen

We design, manufacture and install Granite worktops and surfaces throughout the South Margrasil and are the UK’s top Granite Worktop Suppliers.

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