Granite Worktops Sussex

From a large old detached country house in rural Sussex, to an apartment along the vibrant Sussex coast, whatever your property type we have the experience in turning houses into places you can be proud to call home. You want a home that works for you and your family and reflects your personality and style, our friendly team at Margrasil can help you achieve this.

The kitchen is often the main focus of the home, where family and friends congregate in the evening to discuss their busy day, or for large gatherings to celebrate special occasions. This is why it is so important to make sure your kitchen is a place where people want to be, the room people are drawn to. Crucially it must also be a room that not only looks good but is functional too; you don’t want a kitchen that looks great but is not hard wearing enough to be fully enjoyed. We feel that one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen and achieve the desired look and feel, is with granite worktops.

Granite is so versatile that it can work with any style of kitchen to create eye catching worktops you will definitely want to show off. It creates a classic, luxurious look that never dates. Take a look at some of the different types of granite we have on our website but please remember we have many more in our warehouse so if you are looking for a specific granite, contact our team who will be happy to help you. With a range of different colours and tones available including white, grey, black, brown, blue, green, red and yellow, you will be sure to find one that will perfectly compliment the colour of your walls and kitchen cabinets. The colours occur naturally when the stone is formed meaning your stone will be unique to you, just like your home.

Functionality is of course a major factor when choosing a worktop for your kitchen, and granite has that covered. It is an incredibly hard material due to the formation process and this means it is extremely durable and will not chip or show wear and tear. It also happens to be heat resistant which is a huge advantage where kitchens are concerned. This means you don’t need to be precious about putting down hot pans or heavy objects; you can get on with making the most of life. It really is the perfect option for a kitchen worktop in every way and its longevity means you will continue to see the benefits for years to come making it a cost effective choice.

At Margrasil we spend time getting to know all our clients in Sussex, to find out want they want their kitchen to look like and how they want to use their workspace. Our designers can work with any kitchen layout, creating a space to suit your needs. We can manufacture a worktop that will fit perfectly in your kitchen, a unique object of beauty that will finish off your kitchen flawlessly.

We also create beautiful marble worksurfaces, sintered stone or quartz worktops so you are bound to find the natural stone countertops to suit your requirements.

Granite Worktops Sussex

Granite Worktops Sussex


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Granite Countertops Sussex

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