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Crawley is a bustling commuter town with excellent transport links to both London and the south coast and because of this, house prices are on the rise. In order to maintain or increase the value of your property you need to secure an advantage over other properties in the area, and a good way to do this is by ensuring you have an impressive, luxurious and eye catching kitchen. When selling a property, the kitchen is often the place to win over prospective buyers and granite worktops will instantly improve the look of your kitchen and leave a lasting impression. Even if you are not considering selling your property, granite worktops are a safe investment for the future; a decision you will not regret.

At Margrasil in Crawley, we believe passionately that there are several crucial considerations you must make at the designing stage of your kitchen refit. Aesthetics are of course important and to ensure a stunning finish your worktops and cupboards must complement each other perfectly. This is easily achievable with granite due to its many variations of colours and tones making it hugely versatile. We will be able to find a granite worktop that complements your kitchen beautifully, enhancing both the colour scheme and design of your kitchen. However, we believe that the durability, effectiveness and longevity of the products you are using, should be as important in the decision making process. You need to use products that not only look good when fitted, but can stand the test of time and continue to inspire. That is why granite worktops are one of the top choices for kitchens in Crawley.

Granite is resilient, long-lasting and hard-wearing which makes it the logical choice for kitchen surfaces. It is non-porous, so it will not become dull over time and you can place hot pans directly onto it eliminating the requirement for untidy additions to your kitchen like heatproof mats, and it will not show burn marks or stains. You can chop food directly onto granite without the fear of scratch marks or wear and tear which is certainly not the case for imitation granite or wooden worktops. With the hectic lifestyles we all lead, the last thing you want to be doing is spending valuable time maintaining your kitchen worktops and that is why granite is the perfect solution, giving you peace of mind for the future. See Caring for your worktops. A classic granite worktop can transform your kitchen. Granite worktops exude class and become a real eye catching centre piece in any kitchen, adding the ‘wow’ factor to your home and ensuring your kitchen never looks outdated. Margrasil can help you find the perfect colour and tone to complement any kitchen and make your kitchen really stand out. The colours include white, black, grey, blue, brown, red, green and yellow, and occur naturally when the stone is formed. Polished granite worktops shine, giving your kitchen a fresh, clean and elegant look that you will be proud to show off when entertaining friends and family. Granite worktops are a superior addition to any kitchen when it comes to functionality, longevity and style so contact Margrasil today for a free quotation.


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