If you wish to renovate or redesign your kitchen or bathroom with a brand new marble, granite or quartz work surface, our team at Margrasil UK can help you. We offer a full design service for customers looking to utilise their home space better, from creating speciality marble tables, bathroom vanity units or granite countertops, simply inform us of the type and colour of stone that you prefer and we’ll take care of the rest.

At Margrasil, we provide a template service which involves our team of stonemasons creating a full sized replica of your granite kitchen worktop, quartz counter or other speciality stone product using hardboard. Our masons will also check and mark the positions of any sinks, hobs and polished edges so that you have a better idea of how the stone will look before we fit it.

It’s our aim to provide customers with the best quality stone designs in the UK. Our skilled masons take extra care when fitting granite, marble or quartz into the home; whether you’re looking to revamp or redesign your household’s interior to create a contemporary or cosy environment, our team’s meticulous eye for detail will ensure the finest design finish to your kitchen or bathroom.

For your granite kitchen design
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