Compac Quartz Worktops

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen or bathroom? Consider Compac quartz worktops and work surfaces. Compac quartz is a masterfully engineered, practically designed, elegant and stylish stone, created by amalgamating pure quartz, pigment and resins. This hard-wearing stone is armed with the beauty and benefits of real stone. It is perfect for use in areas like the bathroom and kitchen as it is scratch-resistant and highly resistant to abrasions. Kitchen worktops made from Compac quartz can be designed and fitted by Margrasil, based in Sussex, in homes across the UK.

Compac quartz is created in such a way as to be attractive and have the same appeal as granite or marble, and be resistant to scratches and stains. At Margrasil we supply many varieties of Compac quartz worktops, all in different styles and striking colours. We will cut, shape and fit the stone as per customer specifications. So if you are thinking of Compac quartz worktops or countertops, all you have to do is browse through our range of Compac quartz colours and choose the perfect shade for your home.


Compac Quartz Worktops: Call 01403 710485

Compac Quartz
We will cut, shape and fit the Compac quartz worktop to your specification.

We design, manufacture and install Compac Quartx worktops and surfaces throughout the South

Horsham | Brighton | Crawley | Haywards Heath

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