When it comes to choosing your new kitchen worktop, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with such a wide range of options. Here are our top tips for choosing the right stone worktop for you.

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  • Think about maintenance. Quartz worktops don’t require any ongoing maintenance beyond a standard cleaning routine. If you don’t have extra time for maintenance, then quartz is the worktop for you. Marble and granite worktops both require a little extra TLC on an ongoing basis to ensure they don’t tarnish or begin to show wear.
  • Browse colours in person. Because these are natural stones, no two are the same; we’re working with the stone as it comes from the ground, so you will never find two pieces of worktop that look the same. It’s always better to visit our workshop near Horsham and have a look around before committing yourself.
  • Investigate the pros and cons of each different type of stone. You might have your heart set on granite worktops because they look great in your friend’s kitchen but it might be that actually your particular needs mean you would be better suited to marble worktops.
  • Consider your budget. Good quality natural stone worktops are not cheap, but there are different levels when it comes to price. One thing that will add to the overall cost of your worktops is the amount of cutting out required. If you have lots of tricky corners this will mean a budget increase which may inform your choice of stone.
  • Think about the colour. If you’re the kind of person who likes to change their decor fairly regularly, you’ll want to go for a neutral colour in your worktops. While we might redecorate our walls fairly regularly, natural stone worktops are an investment that you will keep for much longer. A bright, funky colour for your worktop is a great idea if you’re not likely to want to change your colour scheme again next year. If you enjoy changing the look of your kitchen regularly, you’ll want a neutral shade which will go with whatever your new colour scheme will be.
  • Get help choosing. Our team lives and breathes stone worktops; we will be more than happy to help you decide which type of stone would be best for your kitchen.
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