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As the premier supplier of granite, marble, Lapitec and quartz kitchen worktops in Basingstoke, Margrasil provide a simple way to have the surfaces you’ve been seeking. The materials available are all high quality with proven durability and inherent qualities to suit your lifestyle. The convenience of a scratch-resistant, polished kitchen worktop can be enhanced with the versatility ofour surprising array of colours and patterns.

We appreciate that each of our customers has their own special set of requirements, which is what makes the finished look so unique. Working together closely ensures a result that meets your needs, a belief which our testimonials seem to back up. A passion for raw materials often leads to the extrusive rock known as granite, a classic choice for food prep areas since it’s so easy to clean. Light reflecting flecks literally make the room sparkle – not bad for something so functional. The natural beauty of Sussex lends itself to the use of a stone that reminds us of our surroundings.

Mopping up spills can slip your mind when you’ve got kids around the house, which is where liquid-resistant Quartz worktops brings a sigh of relief. Although still largely made from natural minerals, the added resin means colours can be created in a fantastic array of hues. If you’ve been trying to source something pristine but hard-wearing to suit your sleek new interior then you’ll be glad to hear even pure white is an option.

Forever popping up as the latest trend in interior design, marble worktops have kept their charmed status for what seems like an eternity. Classic and stylish, this veined look has been used in both modern and period homes for equally dramatic effects. You might not imagine that there is much room for personality with something frequently advertised in its pale grey form. In actual fact, Margrasil are able to share bold, jewel tones from green to purple in this cool, classy surface. The instantly recognisable veins remain distinctive, combining new and old in a brilliant fusion.

Something you may not have heard of is Lapitec stone. As another mineral-based product available for your project, you might wonder what makes it stand out. This material is produced from tiny particles that are put under extreme heat and pressure, causing them to fuse. What this manufactures is non-porous and highly durable to a standard only recently made possible through this new technology. As a business passionate about stone, Margrasil have welcomed this step forward and can suggest the best places to install it.

Knowing the difference a friendly and helpful experience can have, it remains high on the priority list. There is always someone with good insider knowledge at your disposal to advise on your latest request, and the ability to install your piece too makes the process that much simpler. Applications including utility rooms, bathrooms and splash-backs can all be catered for and a few smart questions about your usage can make all the difference when it comes to getting what’s right for you.

Kitchen worktops Basingstoke - Granite Worktops Basingstoke

Kitchen Worktops Basingstoke


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