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If you have the opportunity then installing granite worktops can really maximise the potential of your kitchen. It’s versatility, stunning look and impressive qualities have made it a building material that’s been favoured through time and offers all-round functionality. Gaining it’s name from the Latin word for grain, it’s no surprise that it’s made up of large, interlocking crystals. What makes it so enjoyable to look at is the varying mineral levels within each particle, giving it a mottled effect that catches the eye.

Our welcoming Brighton team know this product well and can help you make an informed decision that suits your personal needs. Within a domestic workspace, the fact that it is simple to maintain is a huge plus-point as any home-owner will appreciate. Due to the way it forms it is incredibly hard, which means long term durability and a low chance of external damage from everyday objects. It’s often required to be in close proximity to appliances but this is no problem given the heat resistant quality it possesses. Pots and pans pose no threat, making getting on with your everyday life simpler than ever.

In this seaside town there’s no shortage of design inspiration and we don’t disappoint when it comes to style either. Choose from a range of colours that can complement a multitude of interior design schemes – whether you want jet black, a glittering fleck or a rich grey. Using natural materials adds interest and homeliness to what can sometimes become a difficult room to personalise. Put your stamp on the busiest room of the house and choose an easy-to-clean option that will have your neighbours asking where you got it.

Another handy feature of this material is it’s poor permeability, meaning it’s highly water resistant. Spillages, splashes from the sink and steam are easily wiped away without the worry of a puddle-mark forming if you don’t catch it in time. It takes the stress out of food preparation and is stain resistant as well. In the bathroom this countertop invites a different wealth of commendable qualities, such as brilliant light reflection from the polished finish. Rounded edges can be created for safety and a warm look that’s as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. Our expertise means we use careful shaping to make the most of oval or straight-edged features, creating wow-factor looks.

We love a challenge so whether you have recessed bowl sinks or perhaps a free-standing modern bath you’d like upon a granite pedestal – we’ll do our very best to exceed your expectations. The beauty of working with a naturally formed stone is the unique patina and special array of hues that makes each piece a total individual. It can be a backdrop for a busy area, working hard to fight off the wear and tear of family life, but equally it holds it’s own as a focal piece within a room as a striking organic surface. We can offer expert advice on caring for your product to make the most of it for years to come.

Granite worktops Brighton

Granite Worktops Brighton


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